Animal Fats

Whether you’re frying, baking or cooking… Animal Fats are the superior choice when it comes to oils and shortenings. As The Experts in Animal Fats™… our mission is to better educate you on health and wellness benefits of using Animal Fats, and provide data as to why they’re trending in the food industry. Our Chefs will help give you tips and tricks of the trade for cooking with Animal Fats, so you can prepare the best meals possible for your family, friends, and neighbors!

Our recipes include animal fats to make sure the flavor and performance of your food stand on their own. Almost any recipe containing a vegetable oil can be replaced with tallow or lard. We’ll tell you how and why it’s better, and give you the secrets to pull off perfect pot roast, flaky biscuits and pie crusts, mouthwatering fried chicken and all your classic comfort foods. Never used animal fats? Don’t be scared! We know your FATtitude will change! Click here to learn more about our company history – and why we PRAISE the LARD (and tallow) on a daily basis!