9 Reasons To Return to Lard

Lard was once America’s most popular cooking fat. Today there are many substitutes and alternatives on the market, but none perform as well as the original. Crisco, for example, has often been blamed for Lard’s decline in popularity. However, it is not as healthy as we led to believe, and the taste and overall waxy mouthfeel make it a poor substitute for Lard. Butter is a crowd pleaser, but is expensive and difficult to handle and manage at warmer temperatures.

Over the past 25 years there has been an ongoing debate over fat, and as a result there is a lot of confusion at the consumer level. What is, or is not, a healthy fat? Do fat substitutes and processed vegetable shortenings perform as well, or taste as good as the original? Below we attempt to answer some of these questions, and hope to shed some light on why everyone from the home cook to the high-end chef should return to Lard.

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