About SCP

Our rich heritage in the Chicago Stockyards dates back over 100 years to when our founder began peddling meat to neighborhood grocers. In 1972, the Miniat family acquired South Chicago Packing, solidifying our ties to the neighborhood, and continuing Chicago’s long tradition of family-owned businesses, domestic manufacturing, and community.

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SCP began as a meat packing operation, but gradually transitioned into developing custom oil blends and food-grade specialty shortenings. Though we no longer pack meat, we appreciate our company’s rich, historic past which is reflected in our name, South Chicago Packing.

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SCP has been in the Animal Fats business for 45+ years. We are a family owned business specializing in supplying food-grade oils and shortenings to bakeries and national restaurant chains. SCP has always been an Industry-leading innovator when it comes to oils, providing technical expertise and customizable products to our customers. We are The Experts In Animal Fats.

The SCP Difference

Our team at SCP will work with you to make sure your needs are met. Whether you want private label products, stock items, or non-food specialty items, we are committed to creating just the right product for you. SCP specializes in animal fat and animal/vegetable blends. There is no other company who brings the same expertise, quality, and consistency as South Chicago Packing. We offer private labeling, various packaging sizes, and pricing options to meet your business needs. SCP truly believes animal fats are the superior choice to vegetable when it comes to cooking oils. We are always looking for new and better opportunities to serve our customers and make them more successful… SCP is Driven to Serve™.

Our family ownership and business size cultivate our relational approach to business. By building lasting partnerships with our customers, we set ourselves apart from the competition by being small enough to be accessible and flexible, yet large enough to provide an array of services at our two manufacturing locations. Our team is focused on meeting your needs long-term. Want to learn more? Head over to www.southchicagopacking.com for more information!