Chef Pete recently returned from a trip to El Salvador that he took with his family to attend a friend’s wedding. While there, he was able to try all kinds of El Salvadoran delicacies. Peperechas were one of his favorites and they call for lard in the traditional recipe, which we love. When Chef Pete returned to the SCP kitchen, he was kind enough to make us all this special treat, and we would like to share them with you as well!

Peperechas are a traditional pan dulce, or sweet bread / pastry that was often presented with coffee or as a snack. A fun (and risqué ) fact is that peperecha is actually a polite term for prostitute. The pastry got this name from the bright red sugar on top. If the baker happens to use white sugar, they are then called hermanas or monjas, which translates to “nun”.

The good news is that we have the recipe here to share with you so that you can make these lovely treats at home! Enjoy!

Chef Pete completing Step 5 of the recipe instructions.