Perfect Pot Roast

Is there anything better than a hearty pot roast in the winter months? The classic comfort food that that fills bellies and hearts with a lot of love. 

Why do we love pot roast so much? For starters it will feed one for days, two for a couple meals, and a family of four for a hearty dinner (and maybe a lunch the next day if you’re lucky). It’s easy to make, as the prep is simply chopping of vegetables and potatoes, searing the beef, and adding all your ingredients into one big pot! We sear our beef chuck in tallow… DUH, is there any other way? This helps get your pan searing hot without the oil burning, starts the caramelization process of the seasonings, and infuses the best flavor into the meat. Why slave in the kitchen for hours when you’re oven can do all the work for you? While your meal simmers, you can get work done, finish up some household chores, and enjoy the day with family and loved ones. Amen to that, right?

Chef Pete gives you the juicy details below on how to make the perfect pot roast every time. Print off our recipe card and get cookin! Enjoy and let us know how it turns out!