The functionalities of animal fats are highly comparable, if not better than those of vegetable fats. Not only do they provide natural flavor advantages, they’re easy to use in many food applications, and show superior performance in special applications.

When it comes to frying, there is no better shortening out there than tallow or lard. Both are high heat resistance, full of natural flavors, and give foods that crisp and golden brown texture without the greasy mess. With animal fats, you get less absorption into the food vs using vegetable oils. This means the taste and texture of your food will remain consistent, and not be overpowered by the flavor of your oil. Due to their higher saturated fat content, animal fats are very heat stable – making your oil last longer and your flavor remain supreme.

Formulation is key in bakery goods. Lard’s soft consistency and crystalline structure helps create flaky layers in breads, doughs, pie crusts and pastries. It’s the most suitable fat on the market for dairy and vegetable oil replacement, especially in applications such as pie, cookies, and cakes.

Animal Fats play a large role in flavorings and ingredients. Gravies and soups rely on fats for flavor and aroma, stability, and consistency. They’re excellent flavor enhancers in seasonings and sauces. Home chefs, as well as award-winning chefs, continue to incorporate these fats into their recipes.