Wagyu Pizza Crust

Mostly everyone loves pizza, but is it possible to love it even more? Yes. The choice of fat or oil used in the dough should not be a throwaway consideration. We have found that animal fats give the dough an extra depth, dimension and personality that sets our pizza dough recipe apart from any other. For this dough, we are using Wagyu beef fat, or tallow, to take our pizza to a whole new level.

Chef Pete’s Fun Fact: If you take and save some dough each time and add the pre-fermented dough to the new dough, it seems to greatly improve the texture and flavor. This concept, whether called pate fermentee, levain, poolish or biga is common throughout the bread baking world. For pizza crust, up to 25% old dough can be worked into the new batch each time with success. Here we take 20-25% of each batch of dough and set it aside for the next time, kept in the fridge. The same concept also works with surplus sourdough starter, but you must correct your flour and water a little so as not to throw off your hydration ratio too much. This gives it further complexity and flavor and texture.

How and what you choose to top your pizza is your business. Some favorites around here are black garlic chili crisp, nduja with honey and mint, chorizo, and more. Of course, plain cheese topped with garden fresh basil remains the standard. Please enjoy!